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If you are a new driver looking to get your fork truck training and certification through work or paying for it yourself, please do get in-touch for options.

Fork Truck Training Ipswich RTITBDepending on any previous experience or if you have more than one person needing training with the same level of competence we can adjust and refine the offer. What you need and how much it will cost can be compared to the time out of work to do the training with experience and competence.  If it’s just one person needing training we can pair you up with someone within Covid secure guidelines and our own safety tolerances.

Up to 3 candidates can come in for training in our racked warehouse training area with inclines, ramps and counterbalance fork truck and articulated Bendi machines or we can arrange in-house training at your site on your own equipment.

  • Counterbalance training.
  • Bendi Truck training.
  • Reach Truck training.
  • Powered Pump Truck training.

Please get in-touch if you need in-house or training at our training centre in Ipswich. We do have a facility for requalifications at Felixstowe and we can come to you if you have the appropriate machines.

Please click here to enquire about fork truck training and certification. 

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